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School Board Reviewing Threat Assessment Procedures

As many are aware, there has been discussion in the community and the media regarding the process TESD uses to assess potential threats. The Board has received emails and listened to parent input regarding concerns related to our school safety practices, including public participation at the February 4th Policy Committee meeting. In particular, we have received some questions about the role “police consultation” plays in assessing threatening behaviors observed in school.  The following information is offered as clarification.

Information Regarding the Current Rationale for “Police Consultation” as Part of the Threat Assessment Procedures in TESD

  • The current procedure calls for consultation in all cases of threatening behavior to be sure potentially helpful information is shared. There is a difference between police consultation versus reporting a threat to the police and asking for an investigation. The current case being discussed in the media did not involve any police interaction with the child.
  • The goals of the consultation are to provide an opportunity for each agency to share important information about a child that could be helpful in providing supports to all individuals involved in a threat and to allow the police to offer their judgment about the level of seriousness of the threat.
  • For a police consultation, the District initiates a phone conversation with the police to share key information about a threatening behavior. 
  • According to the police, a consultation does not result in the creation of a criminal or juvenile record for the child, or information that can be accessed by the public. Whatever information is retained about the call by the police is a police determination.
  • A police consultation is not related to school-based discipline.
  • Although all threatening behaviors involve police consultation, any threats deemed to be substantive in nature result in a police report and appropriate investigation or action.

Public Comment and Next Steps

Policy and Regulation 5401 provide guidance and direction for the application of threat assessment protocols. The Policy Committee’s next meeting is on March 3rd at 7 pm at the District Administration Offices. This meeting is open to the public. Prior to the meeting, residents are encouraged to contact the Board at with any additional input or ideas.