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Distance Learning Survey Results

During the spring 2020 COVID-19 school closure, TESD implemented a distance learning program consisting of recorded video instruction, live sessions and independent work to keep students engaged and learning. At the end of the school year, the District conducted a survey of parents, students in grades 5-12 and teachers to collect feedback on their experiences during spring 2020 distance learning and their thoughts related to future programming. In addition, distance learning inboxes ( for parents and students, and for staff) were established as a way for members of the school community to share ideas, concerns or comments that were not reflected in the survey. The survey closed on Friday, June 8; however, the inboxes will remain available through the end of July 2020.

The District received 2,822 responses to the survey from verified parents, 743 responses from students and 282 responses from teachers.

Click here for the Distance Learning Survey Results Report.