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School Board Hosts Special School Board Meeting to Discuss Elementary School Site

On January 17, 2024, the T/E School Board held a special meeting to discuss the prospect of a sixth elementary school. Board members were available prior to the meeting for coffee and conversation about elementary school sites and the impact on our community. A video of the meeting presentation and the presentation slides are available on the TESD website.

Over 65 community members attended the special meeting to view site plans and learn about student enrollment, facilities needs, and transitioning to full-day kindergarten. The presentation also included information on site considerations and financial details. For the past several years, TESD has been evaluating sites for a possible sixth elementary school, including properties currently owned by the District on Jefferson Lane in Chesterbrook and on First Avenue in Berwyn. The District also conducted an adaptive use evaluation on properties with existing buildings that could be adapted to accommodate an elementary school. After considering the advantages, limitations, and cost considerations of District-owned properties as well as 18 properties with existing buildings, the District decided that a property at 1200 West Swedesford Road in Berwyn could lend itself well to future use as an elementary school.

At its January 2, 2024 regular meeting, the T/E School Board authorized the District to enter into an Agreement of Sale for a property at 1200 West Swedesford Road for $15.95 million. Adapting an existing building to an elementary school provides a solution that is environmentally-friendly, preserves open space on District-owned land, and potentially shortens the project timeline compared to construction of a new building. The agreement includes a period of 60 days to conduct a full due diligence investigation of the property to confirm that it is usable as an elementary school.

All members of the TESD community are encouraged to stay engaged in the discussion of a new elementary school. Visit for videos, presentation slides and additional information. Community members who wish to share feedback may send an email to