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School Board Holds March 13, 2024 Special Meeting to Provide Update on Property Acquisition

School Board Updates Community on Property Acquisition
The due diligence period to inspect the site and determine feasibility for an elementary school ends on March 18.

The School Board held a special meeting on March 13, 2024 at Conestoga High School to discuss the possible elementary school site at 1200 West Swedesford Road in Berwyn. The District and its consultants provided an update on the findings from the due diligence period, reviewed the concept design for a new school, discussed the approvals process, and outlined the schedule and costs of the project. The School Board also passed a motion stating that if certain conditions are not satisfied by the end of the due diligence deadline on March 18, 2024 at 5:00 PM, the Superintendent is authorized to extend the due diligence period deadline or terminate the Agreement.

The Agreement of Sale for the purchase of the property at 1200 West Swedesford Road included a 60-day due diligence period to allow the District to inspect the existing building and site in order to determine the feasibility to adaptively reuse the structure and the site for a new elementary school. During the presentation on March 13, District consultants presented detailed findings including existing building and site conditions, environmental assessments, utility analyses, mechanical systems overview, and stormwater management facilities. The District’s solicitor provided a report on legal due diligence and discussed lease agreements, property line considerations and separation from the existing corporate campus.

District architects presented visual depictions of concept designs for the school building, school site, and utility infrastructure. The proposed site design reflects a reuse of the current space to provide a reconfigured parking area, a bus loop, playground space and athletic fields. The existing building would be renovated and reconfigured into an elementary school with a proposed addition of a new lobby to connect the existing structure with a new gymnatorium. The façade of the existing building would be updated to provide a cohesive blend with the new additions. The proposed concept design also accounts for replacement of the existing HVAC system with a new high efficiency system to address the acoustic shortcomings of the existing HVAC system and to allow for the same level of filtration that exists at other District schools. The township approvals process for the proposed adaptive reuse of the site and existing building would include zoning relief, conditional use, and land development approvals.

Finally, District consultants provided an overview of the schedule for the project which began with an initial project review on January 17, 2024 and ends with occupancy of the new school building in August of 2027. As of March 13, the projected cost summary for converting the building and site at 1200 West Swedesford Road to a new elementary school site is approximately $69 million which includes the purchase price of the property, a new HVAC system and the infill of a pond on the site.

Community members are encouraged to review the detailed presentation slides for additional information, photographs of the existing site, and visual renderings of the concept designs. The School Board welcomes feedback on the project, and comments may be sent to

Click here for a video recording of the special meeting.

Click here for the presentation slides from the special meeting.