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Gr. 6 F.A.M.



6th Grade F.A.M. Day 2020

(F.A.M. = Functional Applications of Math)

Friday, March 20th


We ALL use math every day! 


This year, we are going to give parents, family members, friends, and community members the opportunity to SHOW students the math we use every day.


The 6th grade math teachers are looking for volunteers to come in (for either a half day or whole day) and have conversations with students in small groups about the math you use everyday. Math is everywhere! We’re looking for all walks of life to pique students’ interests and spark conversation. The stay-at-home Dad or Mom who figures out the budget, or how long the laundry detergent is going to last, or the best cable deal or lease for the car; the family musician; your plumber; the civil engineer; your neighbor who interned at WaWa; the waitress - or the restaurant manager - or the restaurant owner; the former Marine; your brother- in-law who is in logistics; the financial planner; the realtor; your cousin who is an insurance adjuster; the accountant; the nurse; the architect; the Grandmama who worked for NASA...we want ‘em all! The broader the better!  


If you are interested in spending the day talking to 6th graders about math, fill out the google form using the link and Kelley Peck will be in touch soon with more details and logistics. Please send the link along to anyone who uses math, ever, and wants to come in for a day of conversations.


What potential speakers need to know:

Be prepared to talk for about 10 minutes about how you use math. Props/examples encouraged but not required - feel free to bring, show, or highlight some of the “tools” of your trade. You will give your “talk” to start your discussion during up to five periods of the day, a couple of times each class period. Each discussion will be with a small group of students, in the classroom, but not “presenting to the whole class.” The goal is to initiate and engage in conversations about math out in the “real world.”  


Here’s the link to express your interest!