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6th Grade Supply List

6th Grade Student Supply List 2019
TI-15 or TI-30 calculator -Math 6, Math 7 or Pre-Algebra
TI-84 calculator or higher-Algebra I
Spiral notebook (at least 2 to start the school year)
Composition notebook 
Graph paper notebook - Algebra I
Lined Paper (2 packs)
Folders (at least 2 to start the school year)
Manual pencil sharpener
Pencil case
Large erasers
Ultra fine sharpies
Colored pencils
Post-It Notes

24 pack of CRAYOLA crayons

Blunt tipped scissors

Small stapler

Binders/Dividers (more specific details on binders and dividers will be provided the first week of school)
Boxes of tissues (x3)
Anti-bacterial wipes (1 container)
*** Please keep supply list receipt as certain supplies could be adjusted depending on
teacher and courses students are enrolled in.***