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District Device Pick-Up and 5th/6th Grade Schedule and Lockers

All 5th and 6th grade students are invited to Valley Forge Middle School to pick up a copy of their schedule and locker assignment and to practice their locker combination on the following days/times:

Thursday, August 19, 10am-1pm

Friday, August 20, 10am-1pm

Monday, August 23, 10am-1pm

Students in grades 7 and 8 will receive their locker assignment on the first day of school. If students are unable to come during those days/times, there is extended time built in to the schedule on the first day of school for schedule review and locker practice.


All VFMS students are welcome to pick up their district-issued laptop in the library on the following days/times:

Wednesday, August 18, 10am-3pm

Thursday, August 19, 10am-3pm

Friday, August 20, 10am-3pm

Monday, August 23, 10am-3pm

Tuesday, August 24, 10am-3pm

When picking up the device, families are acknowledging the terms outlined in the Agreement for Laptop Use and Acceptable Use Agreement. Please bring a check for $50 or receipt of online payment. Please contact your child’s counselor or administrator prior to your child picking up their device if the cost-sharing fee poses a financial hardship for your family. Below is a letter with additional information about district devices:

1to1 Summer Letter K12 2021.pdf (


Our current district health & safety plan states that face masks are optional and welcomed, however, please bring a face mask with you if that guidance changes between now and then. If you have COVID symptoms, please do not come to VFMS. Additional information about the beginning of the school year will be shared in a upcoming letter.