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New Student Registration

Virtual Student Registration

Registration can be started by emailing the school in which your student(s) will attend. Parents or guardians must submit the information below in addition to transcripts from any former schools. Children are eligible to attend kindergarten if they have reached the age of five years on or before September 1.
Before entering school in September, your child must have a physical examination.
Registration Process

Please click on the link to email your completed registration forms to:

 To complete your registration process you must provide the following: (see Regulation 5001 Enrollment and Registration Requirements and Verification of Residency for details)

  • Completed registration packet
  • Verification of birth date
  • Proof of residency: 1 document from list A, 1 document from list B
  • Proof of immunizations

We will not be able to complete your registration if all items are not presented at time of registration.


Additional Information Related to Student Registration 

Resources for Homeless Students