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Hillside Second Graders Learn about Patents

Mrs. Brown and Cyrus


As a part of their Social Studies unit on innovations, some second graders at Hillside were treated to a special visit from U.S. patent-owner, Mrs. Vanessa Brown. Mrs. Brown (pictured here with her second grade son, Cyrus) shared her work that resulted in the award of a U.S. patent for her invention. She explained the process of developing an idea and researching to determine that it was unique. Students learned that a patent protects the thinking of the inventor, and the patent document declares ownership of that invention. Second graders will be designing their own inventions in the coming weeks, followed by their musical presentation of “Innovations Rock” for their families in mid-April. These projects will then be on display for all Hillside students and staff. We are grateful to Mrs. Brown for sharing her experience and encouraging students to think creatively about what inventions would be useful and new to the world!