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Safety reminder

Safety Reminder…

  • Creating a safe situation for students’ arrival and departure from school is of utmost importance. The speed limit on Walker Road within the school zone is 15mph and 10mph in the VFES parking lot. Please be sure to use caution. Slower is better.
  • When dropping students off and picking them up, please do not get out of your car. Pull all the way forward to the sidewalk at the front entrance in a single line and discharge passengers from the right side of your vehicle on the sidewalk. Do not park anywhere along the sidewalk. At no time should children be discharged from cars in the driveway away from the sidewalk as it presents a safety concern. Several cars can pull to the curb/sidewalk in a single file.   Please pull forward and do not park in front of the school or leave your vehicle.
  • The map below provides visual information for arrival and dismissal procedures.
  • Purple area – Emergency response vehicle access – No Parking
  • Blue line – Flow of traffic for arrival and dismissal. Do not park along this route.
  • Red lines – Do not enter the bus loop during arrival/dismissal.
  • Green lines – Available parking
  • A full list of parent pick-up and drop-off procedures are available by clicking the following link. Thank you!