Thursday, November 18, 2021

Good morning, T/E! Today is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2021 and it is NATIONAL PRINCESS DAY. It is also day ONE of the schedule. Today’s lunch includes SOFT CHICKEN TACO.


The T and E Care Holiday Drive has been helping families in our own community for many years.  Each homeroom is collecting supplies to donate to a family. Students can donate cleaning supplies, umbrellas, reusable water bottles, and blankets to people who really need them.  Homeroom teachers know which items are needed and students can sign up to bring an item to fill a bag for a local family.  The final date for giving is December 3rd. Thank you for showing a spirit of giving T/E Middle.


Any student interested in joining the yearbook club, please see Ms. McCarrick in room 218 for a permission slip. Permission slips will be due by November 22. The first meeting will be held Monday, November 22, directly after school in room 218. See Ms. McCarrick if you have any questions. 


Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Johnson will be sponsoring the African American Student Union.  The first working lunch/activity meeting of the year will be held on Friday during 4th period in the FCS classroom. Any students in 7th or 8th grade that identify as African American or would love to join and work with our African American students to create a more inclusive school environment for all students are welcome to join. For more information, see Mrs. Morris or Mrs. Johnson.


Students should check the lost and found for any items that may be missing. The school will be donating any items not claimed by Thanksgiving break.


Now over to Student Council news.


That’s all the iTEMS we have for today.