Tuesday, December 7. 2021

Good morning, T/E! Today is TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2021, and it is NATIONAL PEARL HARBOR REMEMBRENCE DAY. It is also day FOUR of the schedule. Today’s lunch menu includes PENNE PASTA WITH MEAT SAUCE.


There will be a Reading Olympics meeting after school TODAY from 3:15 to 4:00 in Room 111. Please bring the book you are currently reading and your laptop.


The 7/8 African American Student Union (AASU) Club will meet this Thursday during 4th period lunch/activity time in the FCS room and the 5/6 AASU club will have its first meeting this Friday during 5th period lunch and activity in Mrs. Johnson's room 211. 


Now over to Student Council news.


That’s all the iTEMS we have for today.