Thursday, December 9, 2021

Good morning, T/E! Today is THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2021, and it is NATIONAL PASTRY DAY. It is also day SIX of the schedule. Today’s lunch menu includes a CHEESESTEAK SANDWICH.


The 7th and 8th grade African American Student Union Club meets today during 4th period lunch and activity time in the Family Consumer Science room and the 5th and 6th African American Student Union Club Club will have its first meeting tomorrow during 5th period lunch and activity in Mrs. Johnson's room 211.


7th & 8th graders are invited to attend the Multicultural Club meeting today in room 206 with Senorita Neto during Period 4 lunch and activity.  New members are always welcome at the Multicultural Club.


Now over to Student Council news.


That’s all the iTEMS we have for today.