• Attendance Information: Parents/guardians must provide the schools with a written excuse explaining why their children were absent within three calendar days of an absence. All schools will accept hand written notes, emails from parents'/guardians' designated email address, or faxes created and sent by parents/guardians. Specific contact information is listed at this link.
    Student Travel Permission Form:  Circumstances sometimes necessitate absence from school for reasons other than sickness or death in the family. As defined in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District Regulation 5113, legal absence may be granted for student educational travel by the respective building principal for absences up to five (5) school days per year.  Request form available at this link.

    Student Health Services:  Information including the name of your school nurse, as well as immunization guidelines, physical examination requirements, and how to provide medications at school are available at this link.

    Student Services:  The Office of Individualized Student Services provides support, in conjunction with the regular education program, through a range of specialized student services. Information about health, guidance, and psychological services, as well as a complete range of special education programs is available at this link.
    A Child's Place: After school program for grades 5-8.