Mr. Michael Wong      
    email: wongm@tesd.net        
    The goal of the library program is two-fold: to promote reading and to develop information literacy skills.
    The library at Valley Forge Elementary School contains approximately 12,000 items. These items are available for borrowing by students, teachers and staff. Additionally, students and staff have access to digital and audio books through MackinVia.  
    All students are scheduled for library with their core classes.
    Login to MackinVia.  Students can also access through MackinVia app on their iPads. 
    -research resource with easy navigation and easy to read articles.  It is available for free to VFES students. 
    Get the user name and password from your teacher or librarian.
    -a safe, effective tool for younger students to search for online information
    -add-on to the Follett Destiny automated catalog used in TE
    -targeted search engine that provides access to websites that have been reviewed for appropriateness
    -assigned comprehension ratings by grade level.  
    -subscription access to educational videos - 
    -A Chester County Library card is free to residents and teachers.  Apply here.
    -Access to Bookflix, Trueflix and database resources is available through PowerKids.  

    Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Awards

    -VFES is participating in the Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards Program (PYRCA).  Fifteen books have been nominated by the PSLA's Media Selection and Review Committee for K-3 readers, and 15 nominated for 3-6.  Our library has all of the nominees in the collection, and students are encouraged to read or listen to each book before we vote in the spring.  Additional copies of many of the titles are available through the public library. 

      -The purpose of the PYRCA is to promote reading of quality books by young people in the Commonwealth, to encourage teacher/librarian collaborations and involvement in YA and children's literature, and to honor authors whose works have been recognized by the students of Pennsylvania.
    -Resource lists for this year's nominees can be found on the library catalog .