• What A School Counselor Does At Your School!
    An Elementary Counselor is a resource person for children.  The counselor is available to assist children with individual concerns and help all children:
    • feel safe in a friendly, nurturing environment
    • develop self-confidence
    • develop social skills
    • learn problem-solving skills
    • develop an appreciation of self and others


    How does the Elementary Counselor help?

    The counselor:

    • conducts classroom guidance lessons
    • provides individual and small group counseling
    • participates as a member of the School Intervention Team
    • consults with resource people within and outside the school to access and coordinate appropriate services for the child
    • encourages positive dialogue between school and home
    Carolyn Swetkowski
    School Counselor
    Valley Forge Elementary School
Last Modified on January 26, 2023