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    Participation Forms & Injury Information


    Every student must complete PIAA paperwork for every new sports season.  
    Questions about forms?  Please email Mrs. Magnaninis at magnaninis@tesd.net
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    Sign-Up Form

    Participation Paperwork and Injury information

    In order for a student to be eligible to participate in PIAA sports, he/she must meet the eligibility requirements as outlined on our athletic program form. Students and parents must also complete all the necessary forms. These forms, available on the PowerSchool Parent Portal, must be completed before a student can participate in a school sport.

    Medical documentation is also necessary for participation in Sports. Due to the new medical paperwork Section 6 needs to be dated after May 1st, 2024.


    Logon to powerschool (http://powerschool.tesd.net) 

    Click on TESD FORMS

    Complete the eight-part form in its entirety and hit SUBMIT. You must complete sections 1,2,3,4,5,6,10, and 11.

     Section 6 needs to be signed by a physician and dated after May 1st, 2024. 


      ImPACT test
    All student-athletes playing an “impact” sport (all except track and field) must have an ImPACT baseline test completed before participating.  Track and field athletes are permitted but not required to have a baseline test. A baseline test is good for two years, therefore student-athletes typically take one baseline test during their athletic career at VFMS.  Testing dates and times are offered at the beginning of every season.  Those dates are posted on our school calendar and stated on the morning announcements.  


    ImPACT test Link:




    TESD Participation Fee

    For more information CLICK HERE



    District regulation on student injuries:



    Concussions and Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    In addition to medical clearance to participate, state law and district regulations require that student-athletes and parents are informed about concussions and sudden cardiac arrest. Please read the following links for more information and sign and return the risk and injury information form along with the physical evaluation forms.

    School Board Regulation 5422: Student Accident & Injury – Treatment and Reporting
    Concussion Information for Athletes
    Concussion Information for Parents (1)
    Concussion Information for Parents (2)
    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information
    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Facts Sheet