• CARE Team

    Our goal is to help remove the barriers that impede a student’s academic success.  Barriers may include: self-esteem, family problems, sadness, use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drugs, issues with eating, problems with peers, etc.
    Students may be referred if faculty, staff or fellow students notice the following:
    • Dramatic attention-getting behavior
    • Drop in grades
    • Changing group of friends
    • Loss of interest/eligibility in sports
    • Appears sad/ withdrawn
    • Puffiness around eyes
    • Bloodshot eyes that appear glassy
    • Change in sleeping/eating habits
    Group Members:
    Zack Artz, Art Teacher
    Anne Busciacco, Reading Specialist
    Suz Carlin, Caron Liaison
    Ginny Cataldi, Art Teacher
    Matt Gibson, Principal
    Lindsay Hannigan, Mental Health Specialist
    Barbara Kupp, School Nurse
    Meredith McGarrigle, Guidance Counselor
    Andy Mullen, Guidance Counselor
    Kelly Neary, Guidance Counselor
    Ginger Perry, Reading Specialist
    Jen Reid, 6th Grade Teacher
    Dawn Settle, Gifted Support Teacher
    Kris Sigle, 6th Grade Teacher
    Jess Smolij, Health/PE Teacher
    Bob Sola, Guidance Counselor
    Dan Viviani, 5th Grade Teacher
    Kathleen Wilson, 6th Grade Teacher
    For questions regarding CARON please contact Suz Carlin at 610-331-5227.