Who We Are

    The CARE Team at T/E Middle School is a group of teachers, counselors, administrators, and specialists working together to assist students in removing barriers to their learning.  Those barriers may be related to mental health, drug, or alcohol issues.  The CARE Team is our version of the Pennsylvania state-mandated Student Assistance Program (SAP).


    How the CARE Team Can Help

    Students can be referred to the CARE team by themselves, a parent, a peer, a teacher, or a counselor.  The team will contact the parents/guardians and the teachers of the student to collect information about their school performance.  The team will work with the parents/guardians to provide options of support, which may include a referral to an in-school support group or an outside assessment.


    Signs that a student may be in need of additional support:

    -         Drop in academic performance

    -         Changing group of friends

    -         Negative change in attitude towards school, school avoidance

    -         Angry outbursts at home or at school

    -         Hurting oneself

    -         High absenteeism

    -         Student suffered recent loss (move, divorce, death, separation)

    -         Bloodshot eyes that appear glassy

    -         Statements of despair (“I don’t care”, “I’m no good”)


    What Parents and Guardians Can Do:

    Listen to your student

    Let your student know you’re concerned

    Let your student know that help is available

    Contact a member of the CARE team to refer


    To contact the CARE Team, please call your student’s guidance counselor or the TEMS main office.