•  VFMS School Counseling Department

    5th Grade
    6th Grade
    Mr. Andy Mullen
    7th Grade
    8th Grade
    Ms. Lindsay Hannigan
    Mental Health Specialist 

    The Role of the School Counselor
    School counselors are professionally trained specialists with strong backgrounds in the behavioral science and human relations. Counselors are specialists in identifying school and personal problems, helping students deal with social and emotional issues, and in facilitating the planning of current and future education. They teach classroom lessons on grade-specific topics and facilitate small needs-based groups.
    With Whom Does the Counselor Consult?
    The counselors meet weekly with the core team teachers, specials teachers, and foreign language teachers. They discuss individual students and look for patterns in behavior.  Counselors also serve as a guide and support for parents.  They consult with administrators, outside counselors, and our school psychologist.
    What Does the School Counselor Do?
    -Meets with students individually and in groups.
    -Aids teachers and parents in helping children.
    -Orients and schedules new students.
    -Coordinates standardized testing programs.
    -Maintains student records.
    -Assists in the psychological evaluations of students.
    -Teaches classroom lessons and facilitates small groups on decision making, social skills, career exploration, goal setting, etc.
    -Assists in identifying students with special needs.
    -Coordinates team meetings with teachers and parents.
    -Assists parents in accessing community resources.
    -Sponsors the Peer Mediation and Golden Eagle Programs.
    -Sponsors grade level community service projects.
    Groups Available for VFMS Students
        Changing Families
        Grief & Loss
        Concerned Persons
        Friendship/Social Skills
    *If you are interested in having your child join a group, please call your counselor.
    Call your child's Counselor if...
    -You want information on your child's progress in school.
    -You want to schedule a conference with you child's teachers or school psychologist.
    -You wish to share information with school personnel.
    -You want standardized test scores interpreted.
    -You wish to discuss the special needs of you child.
    -You have any questions at all - if we don't know the answer, we can point you in the right direction.