Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School 
    Student & Parent Handbook 2020
    Mission Statement

    The mission of Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School is to educate and challenge students to fulfill their potential within a community where children are valued, empowering these emergent adolescents to discover and appreciate who they are, what they have become, and what they can contribute to others.
    Dr. Anthony DiLella, Principal
     Sr. Orlando Carvajal, Assistant Principal
    Dr. Jacquelyn Hickey Rothera, Assistant Principal
    801 Conestoga Rd., Berwyn, PA 19312
    (610) 240-1200, Fax (610) 240-1225
    Emergency Closing Number: 854
    School District Hotline: 610-240-1970
    TEMS Attendance Hotline: 610-240-1230
    TEMS Activities Hotline: 610-240-1218
    TEMS Athletic Hotline: 610-240-1250
    Mascot – Bulldogs Colors – Garnet & Gray
    Dear T/E Middle School Students and Parents,
    The faculty, staff and administration extend a warm welcome to you as we enter a new year together at T/E Middle School. As this new school year begins, we are looking forward to providing students with the opportunities to learn and to grow in a positive manner. With all of us working together, we will accept and appreciate the positive contribution each of us makes to the Tredyffrin/Easttown school community.
    This handbook is prepared to help you understand school policies and guidelines and to assist you in setting your personal and academic goals as you travel through the middle school years. This time between childhood and adulthood is one in which the basic skills of reading, writing and computing are polished until proficiency is reached. It is also a time in which you will be excited to go beyond the basics.
    T/E Middle School students are encouraged and expected to:
    · explore and expand interests in music, drama, sports and art…
    · find joy in the discovery of skills in a new language or in scientific inquiry…
    · take pride in careful craftsmanship in family and consumer sciences and technology education…
    · become increasingly independent, self-disciplined and appreciative of lifelong learning...
    · dream and wonder about what is and what might be…
    · become responsible citizens and treat others with the utmost respect…
    · appreciate the uniqueness, characteristics, and personalities of others!
    T/E Middle School students are responsible for:
    · attending school daily and being on time for all classes
    · attempting to put forth sufficient effort and complete instructional assignments
    · expressing ideas and opinions in a respectful manner
    · self-monitoring their behavior to create a safe and secure learning environment
    · protecting and taking care of school and personal property
    · dressing and acting in a manner to maintain fair standards of health and safety
    · following specific rules pertaining to individual classrooms, athletic teams, co-curricular activities, clubs, and musical activities
    T/E Middle School offers you an excellent teaching staff to help you establish and progress toward your goals. It is up to you to take full advantage. We wish you a very successful year, and we are confident that it will be both a time for learning and a time for excitement. If you have questions, concerns or needs, please make sure to contact any of your teachers, guidance counselors or administrators. Most importantly, have a great school year!