7/8 Orchestra

  •    7/8 Orchestra meets on Fridays at 7:45am in Room 113A and is directed by Mr. Craig Gonci. 7/8 Orchestra is open to any seventh or eighth grader who currently plays a string instrument. Students who wish to begin an instrument in 7th/8th grade will participate in beginning band sectionals first before performing with the 7/8 Orchestra. Wind instruments can audition for 7/8 Orchestra as well.

         7/8 Orchestra is a co-curricular program. Students are graded on a letter scale: O = Outstanding, S = Satisfactory, and U = Unsatisfactory. Rehearsal attendance, sectional attendance, participation, and attitude are the contributing factors to students' grades. 

         Sectionals refer to small group instruction that occur during the day on Friday. Sectionals are based on a rotating schedule so that students do not miss too much of one class. Below is an example of the schedule:

Example Rotating Schedule