Participation Paperwork and Injury information

    In order for a student to be eligible to participate in PIAA sports, he/she must meet the eligibility requirements as outlined on our athletic program form. Students and parents must also complete all the necessary forms. These forms, which are available in the main office and are posted below, must be returned to the school office before a student can participate in a school sport. PIAA paperwork should be completed and returned via email to Marie Sarvas, at sarvasm@tesd.net or in-person to the main office. 

    PLEASE NOTE: NO FORMS can be accepted before July 5th, 2022 

    Initial Certification 

    To be completed for the first season of participation in the 2022-2023 school year 

    PIAA Paperwork

       Sections 1-5 to be completed by student and parent/guardian 

       Section 6 to be completed by family physician from an examination completed after June 1, 2021

       Section 10 to be completed by student and parent/guardian
       Risk and Injury Form to be completed by student and parent/guardian


    IMPACT Testing

    All athletes are required to have a baseline ImPACT test completed before participating in sports. A signed parent consent form is requiredfor students to take an ImPACT test. Each student athlete who has turned all completed PIAA paperwork will be able to take the IMPACT after school. Time and days of testing will be communicated to students and families when it becomes available before each season begins.

    IMPACT Test Permission Form


    To be completed for the second or third season of participation in the 2022-2023 school year:


    Section 7 to be completed by student and parent/guardian

    Re-Certification Form


    Medical Re-Certification After Injury: To be completed by a physician after injury

    PIAA Injury Re-Certification Form

    In addition to medical clearance to participate, state law and district regulations require that student-athletes and parents are informed about concussions and sudden cardiac arrest. Please read the following links for more information and sign and return the risk and injury information form along with the physical evaluation forms.

    School Board Regulation 5422: Student Accident & Injury – Treatment and Reporting
    Concussion Information for Athletes
    Concussion Information for Parents (1)
    Concussion Information for Parents (2)
    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information
    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Facts Sheet


    Wrestling - All wrestlers are required to be weight certified by the district's Certified Athletic Trainer. 

Last Modified on July 18, 2022