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    It's Spirit Week! 

    Click above to see Mom's Spirit Week photos. Curious about what the photos are? Click the tiny i in the upper left corner!

    I'm Graycie Lucy, Hillside's Distance Learning Library Cat

    This is my vintage Hillside tee shirt for Spirit Week!

    I'll bet it would look good on me ... but I don't do clothes. CAT.


    Hillside Spirit!



    I am SO happy to be here! I've always thought I'd make an excellent library cat, but Mom said I couldn't come to school.  This is my big chance!

    While you're on the site, check out my friend Winston's page at:        https://www.tesd.net/Domain/1072

    He is the coolest dog I know ... almost as cool as a cat!



                                                      Let me tell you about a story I liked. 

                                       I read Carla's Sandwich by Debbie Herman . Well actually,   

                                         this very nice lady on Mom's laptop read it to me at:   


                                                   This is such a great invention for cats!

                                                           ...and you might like it too. 

    I like this story because it's about being yourself. We cats don't usually eat sandwiches. The weirdest thing I eat is ants ... yum! But what's your favorite sandwich? Try to come up with a really good description and please email my Mom lucyp@tesd.net with the answer. She won't let me have my own email account :(


    We've had lots of answers to last week's question --- and they all pretty much agree with each other. Everyone talked about the confusion of the boy and the cat --- Am I a cat? Am I a boy? 

                   Well done!                   

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