The goal of each elementary school in the T/E School District is to provide the highest quality of educational programs for our students. The cornerstone of school discipline lies in the development of responsible behavior in each child. All five school utilize the Bache "Pro Social Skills" model which emphasizes the responsibility of students to make proper choices for their behavior. When a choice is made, a student must reflect and evaluate it with an awareness of district consequences. To facilitate these skills, guidelines are established which are consistent at all grade levels. All school members are trained to employ this model if and when a confrontation occurs.

    Student Behavior on buses, in hallways, cafeteria, and recess areas is expected to comply with established guidelines. In addition, rules for behavior are in effect at school sponsored events during or after school hours, on or off the building premises.

    We believe that a climate conducive to learning is established through the consistent application of disciplinary guidelines, staff expectation and parent support. The Elementary School Code of Conduct reflects a strong sense of community and partnership exemplified through the responsible behavior and academic excellence of our elementary students.

    School Rules

    1. Come to class prepared with all materials.
    2. Follow the directions the first time they are given.
    3. Keep your feet, hands, and objects to yourself.
    4. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    5. Do not disturb anyone’s learning.


    1. Students should always walk and stay to the right when traveling to and from classes.
    2. Quiet voices are to be used.
    3. Students are not to linger in bathrooms.


    1. Students should enter and exit quietly.
    2. Students should remain seated unless following routines of trash disposal, snack or bathroom use.
    3. Students shall demonstrate appropriate table manners.
    4. Students must be silent for announcements and follow directions of the cafeteria monitor.
    5. When finished eating, students should leave the area clean.
    6. Students should respect personal space.
    7. There is a two snack limit and no carbonated beverages.
    8. Running is not permitted at any time.
    9. Nothing should ever be thrown in the cafeteria.


    1. Students must play safely only on designated areas and remain within playground boundaries.
    2. Fighting or games involving body contact are not permitted at any time.
    3. Students should use equipment and supplies in a safe and appropriate manner.
    4. Any serious problem involving equipment or injury should be reported to the teacher on duty immediately.
    5. Students may not play on ice or throw snowballs.
    6.When hearing the bell or whistle, students should line up quickly and quietly.
    7. A request not to participate in outdoor recess due to health reasons requires a note from a parent for one day or from a physician for an extended amount of time.

    Indoor Recess

    1. Students must remain in the classroom unless given permission by the teacher on duty to leave the room.
    2. Activity and equipment should be appropriate for an indoor setting and approved by each grade level team.


    1. The same conduct that is expected in the classroom should be observed on the bus.
    2. Quiet voices should be used.
    3. Students should remain seated and keep their hands to themselves. Head, hands, and feet must be kept inside the bus.
    4. Students should walk on and off the bus.
    5. No profane language is permitted at any time. The bus should be kept clean and students should not tamper with any equipment.
    6. Students should ride only on the assigned bus and disembark at the assigned stop unless given prior approval through the principal's office.
    7. Students should not eat or drink while riding the bus. Nothing is to be thrown out the windows.

    Office Area

    1. Students should be considerate of those working and wait their turn to speak.
    2. The office phones are not to be used unless it is an emergency.