• School Information


    All elementary schools offer breakfast in order to provide the opportunity for a student to eat this important meal. Educational research has demonstrated that students who eat breakfast complete more work in class and score better on tests. Breakfast is available daily from the time buses arrive until students must report to the classroom.
    Children are to ride only the bus to which they are assigned and get on and off the bus at their assigned stop. No exceptions can be made unless approved by the building principal following the transportation guidelines. Two notes are required when a child goes home with another student.

    The parent requesting the change must send a note stating the bus number the child will be riding, the name and address where the child will be going, and the reason for the change. A note is also necessary from the parent who will receive the child. Each request is subject to space availability on the bus.

    The number of bus passes issues is dependent upon the number of students already assigned to that bus. If a bus roster is at the maximum level bus passes cannot be issued for that bus.
    If your child is to walk home, if you plan to pick your child up after school or if your child is to go home in a private car with someone else, a note should be sent to the teacher informing the school of this change.

    Long term, exceptions to bus assignments
    Parents who desire a long-term exception to bus assignments specifically for the purpose of child care must complete a Request for Long-Term Alternate Bus Assignment Form. Consideration will be given only to requests for alternate transportation for child care within a student's attendance area on a regular basis for a semester or academic year. All exceptions are subject to space availability. All requests are to be returned to the principal who will send them to the Supervisor of Transportation.

    Please keep the following guidelines in mind for your children's attire:
    1. Clothing should be appropriate for school activities and weather.
    2. For safety reason, open-toe clogs and backless sandals should not be worn to school.
    3. Sneakers are required in the gymnasium and must be worn to all PE classes.
    4.Sneakers of enclosed rubber-soled shoes are safe footwear for recess games and equipment.
    5. During snow covered situations children should have boots, gloves and hats for recess.
    6. Hats should not be worn in the building.
    7. Name tags on your child's clothing is helpful for returning lost clothing to the proper child.

    Parent-teacher conferences are held each year in the fall and spring and are listed on the school calendar. Home and school communication is highly encouraged and additional conferences may be scheduled by contacting your child's teacher.

    We request that classes are not interrupted during school hours. If it is necessary to deliver a message or drop something off for your child or a teacher, please go the secretary in the school office who will gladly take care of it. If a change in plans occurs please inform the office before noon so that a message may reach your child promptly.

    The Cultural Arts Committee was formed in 1966 as a nonprofit service organization to the elementary school in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District. The purpose of the committee is to provide quality professional programs that are designed to enhance student knowledge and understanding of the arts.

    The District Committee serves as a forum for the exchange of information among the five elementary schools about enrichment programs independently within each school. In-school assembly programs are selected by each school's Cultural Arts Committee and sponsored by each PTO.

    The Children's Dental Clinic, housed at T/E Middle School, is a community organization which provides dental treatments for eligible students. The clinic, which is open one day per week, is a non-profit charitable organization sponsored by fund-raising events and contributions. For more information contact the school nurse.
    A dental hygienist is employed part-time for an educationally based state-mandated program in kindergarten through fourth grade. Local dentists act as resource persons and consultants to the program.

    To ensure the rights, privileges and safety of all elementary students, the following guidelines are in place to some degree in each school. The listing is not inclusive, but meant to be a guide for fair and equitable treatment of students. The administration will exercise its discretion in making judgments regarding behavioral issues not listed within these guidelines.

    Offense: Disruptive behavior in classroom, cafeteria, library, assemblies, fire drill, field trips, social events or other school sponsored events. 
    Minimum Response:
    1. Warning given
    2. Time out
    3. Parent contact
    4. Suspension
    Offense: Physical injury caused by fighting
    Minimum Response:
    1. Parent contact
    2. After school detention
    3. Suspension
    Offense: Possession of weapons
    Minimum Response: See Policy #5410
    Offense: Destruction of student or school property
    Minimum Response:
    1. Parent Contact
    2. Restitution in some manner
    3. Possible suspension
    Offense: Bus Offenses
    Minimum Response:
    1. Warning
    2. Written notification
    3. Parent Contact
    4. Bus Dismissal 3 days
    5. Bus Dismissal 5 days by approval of the Superintendent
    Offense: Threats
    Minimum Response: See Policy #5401
    The Elementary Code of Conduct, Guidelines for Behavior and Disciplinary Activities exist to ensure the safety of each child in our school. These protective measure are in effect during school hours, field trips, on bus routes, and at after-hours school and PTO sponsored events.

    Homeroom parent volunteer for each core classroom in the beginning of each school year. Duties include but are not limited to:
    1. Assisting with refreshments, treats, and decorations for special holiday parties.
    2. Communicating with parents concerning emergency closing of school, early class dismissal and volunteers.
    3. Assist with volunteer staffing for the spring fair. 

    If you desire homework for a child who has been absent, leave a message on the teacher's voice mail. Please allow one day for the teacher to gather materials and books to be sent home. If the child is absent for only one day, please do not request assignments.

    Call (610) 240-1970 to hear general information regarding announcements, events, and meeting dates in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District. Individual schools can also be reached via this telephone number.

    A Lost and Found area is located next to the school office. Students should check this area carefully when items are missing. Please be sure to label all clothing with your child's first and last name. The lost and found closet is cleaned out in December and June. All clothes are displayed in the hallway by the main office. Any clothing that is not claimed is donated to a local church.

    If you are driving your child to school, drop-off time is between 8:35 and 8:50. Please do not bring students to school before 8:35 as the school cannot assume responsibility for supervising children before teachers are on duty.

    Please pick up or drop off students at the drop-off circle by the fourth grade wing. Only morning kindergarten parents may use the bus circle to pick up their children. Students should get in or out of the car on the curb side only.

    When a student is going to be picked up at dismissal to go home in a car, a note must be sent to the school office in the morning. This is for the safety and security of all children. Students will be called at dismissal time and will report to the parent pick up circle.

    Parents picking up students in private cars are asked to form a single line of cars. We ask that parent please not park their car and leave it. Students are instructed to wait until their ride pulls to the curb to get in. The teacher on duty will help load the children in when their parents car gets to the front of the line. Students should not be dropped off or picked up in the left lane or in the area before the carport.. Students are not allowed to walk in the driveway at any time.

    When registering your child for school, you must bring the following original documents:
    1. A birth certificate or acceptable proof of age
    2. Child's immunization record
    3. Child's social security number
    4. Proof of residence
    Before entering school, your child must have a physical examination. Forms, to be completed by your personal physician, are provided at registration.

    A number of safeguards are in existence at New Eagle Elementary School in order to provide a safe environment for children:

    1. When a child is going to be absent of late to school parents are to call the attendance voice mailbox to report this information. If the office does not receive a phone call from the parents of an absent or late child, the parent will be called by the school.

    2. ALL visitors (including parents and volunteers) must report to the greeter's desk to sign in and receive an identification badge every time they enter the building. Badges are to be work at all times while in the building. When ready to leave the building you must return to the office and sign out.

    3. All outside doors in the building will be locked at all times except through the main entrance by the office. The door leading to the upper division by the student drop-off and pick-up are locked at all times.

    4. If you wish to drop something off in the office, please park your car in the parking lot. Parents/visitor can not park in the bus circle in the morning, lunchtime or at the end of the day. This area needs to be clear of cars for the buses. 
    T/E TV, Local Access Cable Channels 14 and 20

    Conestoga High School students and staff produce T/E TV, 24-hour programming on local access cable Comcast Channel 14 and Verizon Channel 20. In addition to a variety of student programming, School Board meetings are taped and later aired on T/E TV at 9:00 p.m. daily.

    Click here to view the weekly T/E TV schedule. Please note: The TETV programming schedule is subject to change without notice. The weekly TETV schedule is updated each Monday. For up-to-the-minute scheduling information, please contact the TETV Studio directly at (610) 240-1054.

    School Board Programming
    Regular School Board Meeting:     
    9:00 p.m. daily 
    10:00 a.m.Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
    T/E Board Talk:
    6:00 p.m. daily


    The Supervisor of Transportation of the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District shall provide a safe, efficient, economical system of transportation for students to and from school in accordance with the School Law of Pennsylvania; the Vehicle Laws of Pennsylvania, and Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.

    Students residing in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District shall be transported to and from elementary and secondary schools and other educational centers established and/or approved by state and local government bodies having jurisdiction in accordance with state law.
    Transportation shall not be provided for those students residing less than one mile from the school attended unless the route is considered by the district and the Commonwealth to be hazardous and unsuitable for walking. Where possible elementary students shall be transported directly to school. In the case of shared child custody, the student shall be transported to and from the primary residence as designated by the parents.

    The transportation of kindergarten children is a responsibility shared jointly with the parent. The district shall provide one-way transportation of kindergarten children. A schedule of bus routes shall be published annually and made available at each school and at the Transportation Department.

    Children are permitted to ride only the bus to which they are assigned and get on and off the bus at their assigned stop. No exceptions can be made unless approved by the building principal following the
    transportation guidelines. Two notes are required when a child goes home with another student. The parent requesting the change must send a note stating the bus number the child will be riding, the name and address where the child will be going, and the reason for the change. A note is also necessary from the parent who will receive the child. Each request is subject to space availability on the bus.

    Parents who desire a long-term exception to bus assignments specifically for the purpose of child care must complete a Request for Long-Term Alternate Bus Assignment Form. Consideration will be given only to requests for alternate transportation for child care within a student's attendance area on a regular basis for a semester of academic year, subject to space availability. After conferring with the Supervisor of Transportation to assess the feasibility for acting upon the request. In this regard, the following specific considerations shall be in effect:

    1. Long -term alternate bus arrangements shall be considered only for the purposes of child care and employment for high school students.
    2. Bus exceptions shall be granted only within the student's attendance area; students shall not be transported across attendance boundaries.
    3. A change of bus assignments shall be granted on a regular basis for a period of no more than one academic year nor less than one semester (or to the end of the school year).
    4. Each request is subject to space availability. A bus of 60 or more students assigned to it shall be considered "filled".
    5. Once given, permission will be rescinded should space be needed to accommodate new students living along the bus route. In that event, the last exception granted will be the first to be rescinded.
    6. Students granted exceptions shall use existing bus stops; no new stops shall be added nor established stops relocated. No bus shall be rerouted to accommodate an alternate bus assignment.
    7. No request for an exception shall be granted which, in the opinion of school personnel, may in any way endanger the safety of the student.
    8. No request for an exception shall be granted which causes the district to incur additional expense.
    No student riding a school bus will be permitted to conduct himself/herself in a fashion that could endanger his/her safety or the safety of other students. In order to insure the safety and well-being of all students, the following rules and regulations have been established by the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District:

    At the Bus Stop
    1. Wait off the highway out of the way of traffic
    2. Do not play games or chase anyone
    3. Be sure the road is clear and wait for the driver's signal before you cross the road. Always cross in front of the school bus.
    4. Enter the bus promptly in an orderly manner after the bus has come to a complete stop.

    On the Bus
    1. Pupils must remain seated and keep their hands, heads, and feet inside the bus.
    2. There is to be no eating or drinking on the bus at any time as well as no throwing of anything out of bus windows.
    3. Smoking and spitting are prohibited.
    4. The emergency exit is for emergency use only.
    5. Do not tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.
    6. Ride only on your assigned bus and get off only at your assigned stop unless given prior approval through the principal's office and the transportation office.
    7. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom.
    8. Be courteous, use no profane language.
    9. Keep the bus clean.
    10. Cooperate with the driver.
    11. Playing with toys is not permitted on the bus.

    Bus safety depends upon pupil cooperation with the driver. It is impossible for the driver to give full attention to the road when students are misbehaving. The bus driver is expected to handle routine problems but when misconduct continues, the problem will be referred to the school administrator using the established reporting system within 48 hours of the occurrence.

    Bus transportation is a privilege which may be withdrawn for certain specified periods by the appropriate administrator. Recurrent misbehavior will be dealt with according to policy in conjunction with the Superintendent's office.

    All parents and visitors to New Eagle Elementary must sign-in at the greeter's desk upon entering the building and prior to conducting any business in the school. No one should be in the building without a badge from the office.

    The following guidelines have been developed to allow classroom visits with the least amount of disruption to the classroom program:
    1. An appointment should be made through the office to avoid the possibility of visiting on a day when conflicting activities are scheduled.
    2.Report to the school office prior to visiting the classroom.
    3. Please enter the classroom quietly and take a seat. Only visit the classroom where you are scheduled. Please make sure your cell phone or pager is turned off.
    4. Feel free to walk around while observing but do not engage the children in conversation as it distracts them from their class work.
    5. Textbooks and student materials as well as materials on the teacher's desk are often confidential. An opportunity to review students text materials can be arranged in the school office.
    6. If you have questions you would like to ask the teacher an appointment can be made after the classroom visit. Please arrange this in the office.
    7. When your visit is completed please exit the classroom quietly.
    8. Return to the school office when you have concluded your visit.

    Good schools do not just happen. They are the result of many factors. One facet that is important is the involvement of parents in the everyday life of the school. Many of the enrichment activities we are able to provide the students at New Eagle are a result of not only cooperation between staff and parents, but also a willingness of our parents to give of their time to participate and conduct many of these activities. You are needed at New Eagle!

    The advantages of a school volunteer program are three-fold.
    1. The assistance provided to the teaching staff results in benefits to the student.
    2. A feeling of satisfaction through a commitment to today's youth on the part of the volunteer.
    3. A better understanding of the educational program throughout the community because of the involvement of the citizens in the community.

    Volunteers are used as classroom and library aides, tutors, and organizers of activities depending upon the needs of the school and the talents of the people volunteering. If interested please call the PTO In-School Volunteer Coordinators.  You can also contact the district coordinator to volunteer on the district level.