• School Counselor
    The School Counselor meets with children individually, in small groups, and in homeroom classes throughout the school year.
    The guidance program assists children as they develop a positive self concept, relate to others, make choices, develop a sense of responsibility, and cope with stress and change. Additionally, the counselor is available to consult with parents, staff members, teachers and administrators.
    As a consultant the counselor aids in identifying the needs of children, recognizing strengths of children and providing information on school, district and community resources. The counselor is responsible for coordinating access to any programs/services needed to optimize the total development of the child.
    Counselors work with parents, classroom teachers, and other staff members in the referral process.
    For more information visit this link on the district website.
    You may also contact Ms. Lauren Scott, counselor at Hillside. 
    Phone: 610-240-1504