• Student Tips:
    Things to think about...

                This is YOUR Personal Achievement in Learning and NOT your
     Parents' Achievement in Learning.

                Remember this motto: 
    "If I can do it, then I should do it!"

    For example, if you need to take a single photograph of a snake, this is something you can do without much help.  However, if you need to have yourself filmed on video, you will need someone else to be behind the camera. 
    Rome was NOT built in a day.  Researching a little bit everyday will help you learn a lot about your topic.  You can't do it all in one weekend.  If you spent 15-30 minutes a day for over a month researching one topic, imagine how much you could learn!
    If you do not want to spend time learning about your topic, you probably picked the wrong one.
    Answering all of your questions does not mean you are done.  The questions are only meant to help you get started.  Picture your topic as a ripe orange.  Try to squeeze every last drop out of it.  Some students even spend time learning about their topic after PAL is over.  Be a sponge and soak up as much as you can!
    Things to AVOID if you choose to make a display board:
    • Tons of internet pictures, text, etc. that are slapped on a board.
    (Same w/photocopied materials)
    •Waiting to the last minute!

    More advice from past student reflections:
    • Use a base or cloth to cover the cafeteria  table.
    • Work a little bit at a time.
    • Raise the bar!
    • Do your BEST!  Don’t just finish your PAL to get it over with. Enjoy the experience!