• Websites:
    Google, Yahoo, and Ask.com are popular search engines, but fourth graders should not be searching with these tools without parental guidance.

    Be careful when using open-source sites like Wikipedia for school research projects.  It is not appropriate for academic research at any level, due to the non-expert sources for much of the information.  However, there might be links in the reference section that might point to useful sites.

    Check out this site about 
    The Pacific Northwest tree octopus
    It is a perfect example of why users of the internet should always view content carefully and verify the information they find.  Many students actually believed this was a legitimate site and that the creature was real.

    Before using the internet, it is recommended that students and parents explore this great net safety website.

    Great Researching Sites for Students
    Hillside Library
    Search the library at Hillside from any computer. You can also access WebPath Express.
    You must have a Chester County Library Card to access these databases.
    Search the libraries of Chester County for materials about your topic.*
    Atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia... all in one place!*
    Internet guide to child-safe sites selected by a committee of the American Library Association.*
    Search here for basic facts about countries around the world, from the CIA!*


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