• Parent Tips:
    Students list topics of interest, select one, set goals for what they want to learn, think of questions about the topic, and make a plan on how they are going to answer them, as well as a plan to share what they have learned.  Students use the questions as a jumping board into their research.  Answering questions should lead to more and more questions.  All of the 4th graders will share their learning experience in the classroom and with the entire school. The final step is a reflection on the experience.


    Allow freedom/choices.
    Topic is student selected and may not be what you would choose.
    Help with problem solving rather than solving the problem for your child.
    Talk about mistakes as learning experiences.
    Self-directed learning is the ultimate goal.
    A little research everyday goes a long way.  Encourage your child to AVOID waiting to the last minute.
    Reinforce with your child, "If I can do it, I should do it!"
    Parent/Guardian responsibilities:
    Get to know what PAL is all about.
    Be a guide on the side.  Allow the student to have OWNERSHIP of their PAL.
    Emphasize the process and NOT the product.