Spirit Day Schedule


    Spirit Days 20-21


    January 11-15th Show P.R.I.D.E in Everything You Do Spirit Week


    Join Your Hillside Family for Spirit Week January 11th-15th

    Show P.R.I.D.E. In Everything You Do

    Monday: POSITIVITY:  Positive message day.  Share a message to inspire a smile. Make a poster or a sign to hang at school or at home. (Ideas:  You are amazing! Keep trying and smiling! Never give up! Shine bright every day in all you do and say!)

    TuesdayRESILIENCY:  Be enthusiastic. Wear and share your brightest colors to inspire bright thoughts and ideas all day! Bright thoughts help us have good feelings which help us to bounce back from problems more quickly!

    WednesdayINCLUSION:  Be kind. Share an activity you did or want to do that shows how you can include or be considerate of others. (Ideas: I put a note on my mailbox to thank the mail carrier. I will say hello to five classmates that I don't usually talk to today.)

    Thursday: DIVERSITY: Be YOU.  Celebrate YOU day. Share something that makes you special (Ideas:  I play soccer. I love to dance. I have 3 dogs. I am a good cook. I love to bake. I can draw unicorns! I make my own lunch every day!)

    Friday: EQUITY:  Be a learner. What book have you read recently that has a character or was written by an author with a difference from you (their race, religion, culture, gender)? Share a title and why you like it.


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