• Positive Reinforcement Ideas


                When working toward a goal or rewarding positive behaviors, it can be difficult to come up with ideas that don’t always involve a monetary purchase.  Here are some ideas you can use to reinforce good choices.    The frequency of the rewards can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the reinforcement or the behavior.  If you have some other good ideas, please let us know!     created by the Devon  Kindergarten Teacher

    Reward Ideas

    Getting a favorite snack

    Staying up after bedtime

    Having a play date with a friend

    Bike riding time

    Going to the movies

    Special time/activity alone with mom or dad

    Earning a day off from choices

    Going to the park

    Making popcorn

    Having a friend sleepover

    Going to sleepover at a friend’s house

    Visiting relatives (grandparents, cousins)

    Extra television time

    Reading an extra bedtime story

    Extra play time outside

    Extra video game time

    Extra bath time

    Extra computer time

    Choosing the menu for the family dinner

    Choosing a family movie

    Choosing what to watch on t.v.

    Choosing the radio station in the car

    Choosing a game to play with family

    Taking a family walk

    Choosing music to dance to

     Jumping rope

    Choosing dessert

    Grooming family pet (brushing, bathing)

    Coloring time

    Choosing what outfit to wear

    Baking/cooking with mom or dad

    Going to a museum

    Going to the playground

    Playing a game of catch with mom or dad

    Going bowling

    Playing mini-golf

    Using sidewalk chalk to color the driveway

    Making a fruit smoothie

    Taking a trip to the library




Last Modified on October 14, 2011