• Live Streaming of Regular School Board Meetings

    The T/E School Board began live-streaming regular School Board meetings on October 25, 2022. The regular Board meetings will begin at 7:30 PM and are held at Conestoga High School. Visit the School Board section of the T/E School District website for dates of upcoming regular School Board meetings.

    A video recording of each regular Board meeting will continue to be available on the T/E School District website following the meeting. At its discretion, the Board may discontinue video recording or live-streaming due to technical issues, personnel availability or other circumstances that disrupt or impede the meeting.

    How do I access the live meetings?

    How can I make a public comment during the meeting?

    The School Board will continue to provide in-person public comment opportunities at all public Board meetings. Residents and taxpayers who wish to make a public comment may do so in person during the public comment periods at the meeting.  Comments may also be shared with the Board via email at schoolboard@tesd.net;  however, these comments will not be read aloud during Board meetings.