• Strategic Planning Developmentstrategic plan

    At its August 22 meeting, the School Board approved the T/E School District 2022 Strategic Plan. The plan was developed through the work of the District Strategic Planning Committee, which represents a microcosm of the community and includes faculty, staff, Board members, students, parents and community partners.

    The goal of the Strategic Planning Committee was to design a mission and strategies that will provide an educational vision for the District for at least the next six years. The strategic planning process provided an opportunity for members of our community to share their thoughts on what we do well and where we can grow, and to lend their insight on the skills our kids need the most when they enter the world of the 2020s and beyond.

    If you have additional questions about the strategic planning process, please contact Dr. Wendy Towle at towlew@tesd.net.

    On September 19, students, staff and community members who volunteered their time to help develop the new strategic plan were honored by the TESD administration and School Board. Photos from the reception are included below. The District is very grateful for the contributions our school community has made to the future of TESD students!