• Clearance Requirements for New Hires

    Pennsylvania law requires that state and FBI records for all future employees (including student teachers, bus drivers, contractors, and their employees) who have direct contact with children, obtain clearances.

    Direct contact with children is defined in the State Board of Education Regulations, Chapter 8, Section 8.1 as the possibility of care, supervision, guidance or control of children by a paid employee or contractor of, or an employee of a person under contract, with a school entity, and routine interaction with children by a paid employee of a school entity or a person under contract with a school entity.   

    The five required background checks/certifications are: 

    1.    A Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal History Record (Act 114)

    Steps for obtaining FBI Clearance

    1. Register online at https://uenroll.identogo.com/.  Detailed instructions are listed here.
    2. Enter the following Service Code:  1KG6XN  (for employment Pennsylvania PDE-School Districts).
    3. Choice your fingerprint site and schedule your appointment.
    4. An email will be sent to confirm your appointment. 
    5. After being fingerprinted, submit a copy of the Applicant Registration receipt with the UEID number to Human Resources or submit a copy of the clearance you receive in the mail to Human Resources.
    Note: Prospective employees who meet ALL of the following criteria are exempt from obtaining an FBI clearance.
    • They are under the age of 21.
    • They will be working for fewer than ninety calendar days.
    • They are working in a job development or job training program funded in whole, or in part, by public or private sources.
    • They are not in direct contact or supervising children as part of their employment.

    2.     Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Records Check  (Act 34)

    Steps for Obtaining Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check 

    1. Register online at http://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp, and click “Submit a New Record Check”. You will immediately receive a response of “No record” or “Request under review”.  Detailed instructions are listed here.
    2. Click on “Control number”.
    3. Click on and print “Certification Form”.
    4. Submit a copy to Human Resources. 

    3.     Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance  (Act 151)  

    Steps for Obtaining Child Abuse History Clearance (Click here on how to obtain detailed instruction on obtaining Child Abuse History Clearance). 

    1. Gather information about your former addresses and anyone with whom you may have lived.
    2. Register online at http://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS. You will receive an email containing your temporary password.
    3. Log back onto the website with your temporary password and follow the prompts.
    4. You will receive an email when your clearance is available on the website for printing.
    5. Submit a copy of the clearance to Human Resources.  

    4.     Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification  (Act 24)

    The instructions and certification form attached to this webpage is to be reviewed, completed and then submitted to the school district’s Personnel Department, prior to hire.

    Click here to obtain Arrest/Conviction Report Certification Form (PDE 6004) 

    5.    Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release  (Act 168)

    Candidates under consideration for hire will receive a link via email from TESDAct168verification@tesd.net with instructions for completing this clearance requirement.   Candidates without email access may request the paper version of this clearance.  

    If you would like additional information or explanation as to the requirements, Acts, or details of these releases, you are invited to contact any member of the Human Resources staff. They will be happy to assist you and provide any additional information.  Newly hired employees will not be permitted to begin employment until ALL clearances and background checks are received and reviewed by a member of our HR team.