• Guidelines for submitting an announcement or a flier for the T/e-Bulletin Board

    What is an Approved Event?
    School Board Policy 1124 is the criteria for approval of information provided to students. Please review this policy prior to submitting a flier for approval. The District, at its discretion, may post information for the following organizations:
    • Student Organizations and School-Sponsored Activities (Class A)
    • District and School-Related Parent Organizations (Class B)
    • Community Non-Profit Groups whose primary function is to enhance the community by providing service to Tredyffrin/Easttown youth and adults. The participants in activities sponsored by these organizations should predominantly reside in the T/E School District and actively support the students' educational program. (Class C)

    The District may only publicize Class E, Youth Education Programs, if the programs are sponsored by the School District, a student organization or a school-related parent organization.
    The school day shall be devoted exclusively to the purposes, procedures, and efforts conceived, conducted, and directed by the school staff toward the goal of education of the students. Only information about the school system or a particular program that is parallel in nature, function and purpose to the philosophy and curricular program of the School District may be distributed to or through students and staff members. District schools shall not be used to publish or distribute information or survey forms of partisan, sectarian or political organizations of any type.

    How to Submit a Flier for the T/e-Bulletin Board
    Class A, B or C organizations that wish to have an announcement posted on the T/e-Bulletin Board should e-mail a request with a PDF of the flier, or a link to information on the organization’s web site, to tebulletinboard@tesd.net.

    The email should include a suggested length of time for the information to be posted. The announcement must indicate the non-profit status of the organization in order to receive approval. Submission of a flier does not guarantee inclusion on the T/e-Bulletin Board or in school newsletters. The T/e- Bulletin Board is updated twice a month depending on the volume of fliers received.
    Thank you for your cooperation in our goal to advertise more effectively and to preserve our natural resources for future generations.