• TE All-Call

    The T/E School District will use TE All-Call, an automated emergency phone notification system, to communicate emergency closings, late openings, early dismissals and any unscheduled closing or emergency situation that may happen during the school day. Please notify the school’s main office as soon as possible if your contact numbers change at any point during the school year. For families new to the T/E School District, here below are some frequently asked questions and answers about TE All-Call.
    NEW: Beginning in November 2016, the T/E School District will be offering parents the option of receiving text message alerts when there is an emergency notification from TE All-Call. Click here for FAQs on the new text messaging option
    1. Can I opt out of receiving early morning school closing calls but still receive other types of TE All-Call emergency messages?

    No. If parents request to have all phone numbers removed from the TE All-Call system then they will not receive any type of phone calls from TE All-Call, including emergency messages sent from the system during the school day. Weather-related emergency closing information will continue to be recorded on the TE Information Hotline (610-240-1970) and broadcast on local TV networks.

    Parents who are concerned about receiving early morning calls on inclement weather school closing days may want to consider changing their numbers on file to cell phone or work numbers. While the system can call up to three numbers per student, parents are not required to have three numbers on file. Some parents have stated that they plan to turn cell phones off or turn home phone ringers down on snow days if they do not want to receive the early morning call.
    2. How many phone numbers per student can be called?
    3. Will the system call all of the numbers on file?
    Yes. All six numbers on file will be called even if the first call is answered. The system will leave a voicemail or answering machine message if no one answers the phone. If you use the same phone numbers for more than one child, duplicate numbers will only be called once.
    4. What should I do if my work number has an extension?
    The system can only accept direct phone numbers. Consider using a cell phone number or other direct phone number in place of a number with an extension.
    5. How can I ensure that I receive a call?
    TE All-Call is provided through SchoolMessenger, a company recognized for providing superior phone notification solutions. In order to ensure that you receive a call, it is essential that we have accurate phone number information on file. Please notify your school office if any of your contact numbers change.
    6. Does TE All-Call send text messages?
    Yes. Beginning in November 2016, parents may opt-in to receive text message alerts when there is an emergency notification from TE All-Call. There will be a mass opt-in text invitation sent to all mobile numbers on file in the TE All-Call system on November 17. After November 17, any new mobile numbers added to the TE All-Call system will receive an automatically generated opt-in text invitation within 2 business days. If you do not receive this automated text after 2 business days, please contact your child’s school to make sure that the correct mobile number is in the TE All-Call system. Click here for FAQ on receiving text message alerts from TE All-Call.
    7. What if I do not receive a call from TE All-Call and the weather is inclement?
    It is possible that a technical problem beyond our control could cause you not to receive a call on one of your emergency phone numbers. If you suspect that there may be a school closing and you have not received a call from TE All-Call, please call the T/E Information Hotline at (610) 240-1970 to confirm the status of school.
    8. How do I change my phone numbers in TE All-Call?
    Parents of students attending T/E schools may contact the school office at the numbers below to change their phone numbers in the TE All-Call system.
    Conestoga High School: (610) 240-1050
    T/E Middle School: (610) 240-1208
    Valley Forge Middle School: (610) 240-1303
    Beaumont Elementary School: (610) 240-1400
    Devon Elementary School: (610) 240-1450
    Hillside Elementary School: (610) 240-1500
    New Eagle Elementary School: (610) 240-1550
    Valley Forge Elementary School: (610) 240-1600
     Parents of children attending non-public schools, but who use T/E school buses, may contact the T/E School District Information Services Department at (610) 240-1947 to change their number in the TE All-Call system.