• Equity Initiative

    Since 2018, the T/E School District has been working with the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) to develop and implement racial equity measures in our school community. Our goal is foundational and transformative change. As we seek to address this initiative, our work involves intensive training, beginning fully and systemically with school leaders, and eventually reaching through our schools and students over a sustained period of time.

    Several groups have been created to advance this work:

    • The District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) consists of a combination of central office leadership and District staff members to ensure multiple perspectives and racial experiences can be present for the training. This group has participated in 8 full days of training since fall 2018.

    • A LEADership for Racial Equity, or LEADS, team consisting of central leadership and building principals has met for 6 full days.

    • Following the LEADS work, each principal has established an equity team at the building level. These teams were trained this spring and are in place to carry forth building-specific equity work.

    • A team of affiliates, teachers and administrators who undergo deep training to facilitate sustained equity work in the schools, has received over 100 hours of training.

    • Over 160 faculty, support staff, administrators and school board members have received a 2-day Beyond Diversity training to introduce the key pillars of equity work and protocols to facilitate courageous conversations on race.

    • At CHS, a group called SOAR, or Students Organized for Anti-Racism, was established in spring 2019. This organization consists of students of many racial backgrounds who are engaging with the work at the student level. There have been 5 training sessions for this group.

    Shorter term outcomes we are looking to implement are:

    • The development and implementation of building and district goals to target specific equity needs.

    • The involvement of parents and other community members in the work.

    Please visit the links on the left side of the page for additional information and continue to check back for updates as our work continues throughout the school year.