• Student Support Services
    A full range of student support services are available to assist students who may be experiencing difficulties in any aspect of their school life. In addition to guidance, regular education and special education support programs, each building offers a coordinated team-based approach to address concerns and to recommend and/or provide needed services.

    Instructional Support Team (IST) - The IST operates to identify, in a systematic way, interventions for students who are having academic or behavioral difficulties in school. The goal is to help the student achieve a satisfactory rate of progress in the regular classroom setting, therefore preventing the need for more intensive or restrictive services. The IST includes the classroom teacher, school principal, or a person representing the principal, and the school's support teacher or one of the people who share the support teacher role. Other members of the team may include a guidance counselor, a reading specialist, or a speech pathologist, depending on the student's needs. At the high school level, the IIT (Instructional Intervention Team) assists students in addressing academic issues and learning problems with a focus on students who are at risk of academic failure despite having the potential to succeed.
    Student Assistance Program (CARE) - Student assistance teams operate to assist students in grades 5 through 12. These teams are comprised of faculty and other professional staff who have been trained to work with students and parents in situations requiring interventions for students' chemical substance abuse or mental health conditions.
    Peer Mediation - Trained student mediators, at the middle and high school levels, guide their peers through a structured interview format to resolve conflicts. Trained faculty sponsors oversee the process and promote the program within the building.