• October 9, 2020

    Dear T/E Families,

    TESD staff members at all levels have been busy preparing to welcome students who are participating in hybrid learning back to our school buildings. COVID-19 data provided by the Chester County Health Department have remained consistent over the last three weeks and align with the metrics for hybrid instruction. As a result, we are formally announcing that the staggered reopening process for TESD schools will begin as planned on Monday, October 12.

    If you are unsure of the date your child will begin hybrid instruction, please refer to the transition plan for phased reopening or information provided by your child’s school. Details on cohort grouping and the weekly hybrid learning schedule are available in the 2020-2021 reopening plans presentation. Students who selected the 100% virtual model will continue to learn virtually at home each day.

    School principals have been sharing detailed email messages and videos to welcome students back to the classroom, review changes to the school environment and explain important health and safety procedures. We ask that you please review this information and discuss it with your child. For the hybrid reopening to be a success, we are asking all T/E families to partner with us on these important shared responsibilities:

    • Parents or guardians are required to complete the online symptom screening form in PowerSchool prior to their child entering a school building. Click here for a video on how to access and complete the online symptom screening form. Participation in hybrid instruction is conditional on the daily screening and submission.
    • Model, practice and reinforce social distancing, use of face coverings and good hand hygiene practices.
    • Monitor the health of your child, and when in doubt, keep them home.
    • We ask for your continued patience as we expect bumps in this untraveled road of integrated hybrid instruction.

    We have also created an infographic with hybrid learning reminders.

    The TESD staff wishes students a successful transition to hybrid learning. They are working with unmatched dedication and care to prepare. 

    We thank all families for your ongoing partnership. We appreciate your encouragement and constructive feedback as we continue to work together.


    Dr. Richard Gusick
    Superintendent of Schools