Menu Allergies List and Food Safety

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    Food safety and sanitation are critical, ongoing processes that require strict procedures and training. All food service managers possess current Chester County Food Manager Certification and have successfully completed the required training. A sanitation self-inspection using the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAACP) format is implemented in all schools. This format requires managers to follow purchased products through the various stages and temperatures from receipt to service. This is a second food safety measure. Food and Nutrition Services staff receives on-site food safety training. Special emphasis is placed on proper food temperatures, food preparation and service; proper attire, and frequent handwashing.
    Students with allergies are permitted food substitutions "only when supported by a statement from a recognized medical authority that includes recommended alternate foods." A recognized medical authority may be a doctor or a physician's assistant. Since most allergies continue, it is not necessary for a new statement to be secured each year. For example, if a student is allergic to milk and a medical statement is on file stating that they are required to have Soy Milk in place of Cow's Milk, then Soy Milk will be offered as a substitute.