The District believes that homework consists of any instructional requirement assigned by a teacher to be completed by the student as a continuation or extension of classroom instruction.  Homework is a necessary part of the curriculum and vital to the learning process.


    Homework assigned should be suited by amount and task to the age ability of students and should be consistent with instructional objectives.  Homework provides the necessary practice of skills, enriches and enlarges upon classroom experiences, and utilizes school and community resources.  In addition, carefully planned assignments foster responsibility, help students work independently, and require the development of good study skills and work habits. Homework can also provide an opportunity for the teacher, parent and student to work together in the learning process.


    The length of time spent on homework can vary from child to child.  Generally, time spent on homework each night would be as follows:


                   First Grade:         10 – 15 minutes

                   Second Grade:   15 – 20 minutes

                   Third Grade:       25 – 30 minutes

                   Fourth Grade:    30 – 40 minutes


    Homework assignments reinforce the skills and concepts taught in the classroom.  Additional time should be spent reading nightly and routinely practicing basic math facts.  Reading to children, at every age, is highly beneficial and valued.