• Lunch
    Our school cafeteria operates under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. Menus are published and posted in the school, on the T/E web sites and are shown on the school cable station. What's for lunch? Check out the:

    For more information, visit: 
    T/E School District's Food and Nutrition  

    Under the National School Lunch Program, schools must comply with specific component and quantity requirements by offering five food items from four food components. These components are: meat/meat alternative, vegetables and/or fruit, grains/breads, and milk. Minimum portion sizes are established by ages and grade groups. Each student must accept a minimum of 3 components to qualify as a meal.
    If only two items are selected, students are charged ala carte prices. Ala carte snacks, including water, are not included in the meal price and are therefore charged separately. Typically the entrée at TE school District includes two bread servings and minimum of 2 oz. of protein. Therefore, if a student selects an entrée, they must select at least one more component (fruit, vegetable, milk) to qualify as a meal.

    Please review these guidelines with your child.