Email: hesattendance@tesd.net
    Attendance Report Line: (610) 240-1530 

    Parents are encouraged to report their child’s absence via e-mail listed above.  Include your child's name, classroom, and the reason for the absence/lateness.
    To report an absence or lateness after 9:00 am, call the school phone number (610) 240-1500. Additionally, parents should also send an e-mail to the address listed above. 
    You can report your child's absence or lateness the night before or early in the morning. Your call or e-mail must be made before 9:00 a.m.
    Absence and lateness for PM Kindergarten students should be called directly to the school office and an e-mail sent to the address listed above. 
    The absence reporting system has been set up for your child's safety. If a parent does not call to report an absence or lateness, the school will call the parent.