Hillside Elementary School No-Idling

    The school enforces a no idling rule for cars that are waiting in our driveway.

    Please be respectful and comply with this so that we remain healthy.

    Hillside Elementary School adheres to eliminating unnecessary idling of all motor vehicles on school property. This will effectively reduce exposure of students and community to harmful exhaust fumes, conserve fuel, reduce green house gas emissions, and prolong engine life. This strategy is designed to exceed standards of the Pennsylvania state no idling law enacted February 6, 2009.

    1. Upon arrival at school loading zones, drivers of cars, buses, and trucks will turn off engines and not restart them until time to depart. All buses should be loaded and doors closed before engines are started. Buses will not idle while waiting for students to depart or return from field trips, events or any trips on or off the school grounds.

    2. Service and delivery vehicles will not idle on school grounds.

    3. All vehicles on school property are included in this program and will not idle on school grounds. 


    1. To provide for the safety of occupants, such as in the case of extreme hot or cold conditions that would require the use of heat or air conditioning,

    2. When special traffic, safety or emergency situations arise.