If you are driving your child to school drop-off time is between 8:55 and 9:10 a.m.
    Please pick up or drop off students at the curb of the lower entrance to the school. Students should get in or out of the car on the curb side only.
    When a student is going to be picked up at dismissal to go home in a car, a note must be sent to the school office in the morning. For security reasons no child will be dismissed directly from a classroom during the school day.
    Parents coming to pick up students early must stop at the greeter and have the child called from the classroom. Parents picking up students in private cars are asked to form a single line of cars. Students should not be dropped off or picked up in the left lane of the lower driveway in front of the lobby.
    Students are not to walk up or down the driveway at any time. Students will be dismissed from the lower lobby doors and will be instructed to wait until their rides pull up to the curb.
    Please do not park your car in the lower driveway and leave it. Parents are asked to stay with their cars at all times. Parents should not go directly to a classroom to pick up a child. Stop in the office and the child will be called. All children are dismissed through the office.