The Supervisor of Transportation of the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District shall provide a safe, efficient, economical system of transportation for students to and from school in accordance with the School Law of Pennsylvania; the Vehicle Laws of Pennsylvania, and Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.
    Students residing in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District shall be transported to and from elementary and secondary schools and other educational centers established and/or approved by state and local government bodies having jurisdiction in accordance with state law.
    Transportation shall not be provided for those students residing less than one mile from the school attended unless the route is considered by the district and the Commonwealth to be hazardous and unsuitable for walking.
    Where possible elementary students shall be transported directly to school. In the case of shared child custody, the student shall be transported to and from the primary residence as designated by the parents.
    The transportation of kindergarten children is a responsibility shared jointly with the parent. The district shall provide one-way transportation of kindergarten children.
    A schedule of bus routes shall be published annually and made available at each school and at the Transportation Department.
    Children are permitted to ride only the bus to which they are assigned and get on and off the bus at their assigned stop. No exceptions can be made unless approved by the building principal following the transportation guidelines.
    Two notes are required when a child goes home with another student. The parent requesting the change must send a note stating the bus number the child will be riding, the name and address where the child will be going, and the reason for the change.
    A note is also necessary from the parent who will receive the child. Each request is subject to space availability on the bus. Parents who desire a long-term exception to bus assignments specifically for the purpose of child care must complete a Request for Long-Term Alternate Bus Assignment Form.
    Consideration will be given only to requests for alternate transportation for child care within a student's attendance area on a regular basis for a semester or academic year, subject to space availability.
    After conferring with the Supervisor of Transportation to assess the feasibility of the alternate assignment, the principal shall be responsible for acting upon the request.
    In this regard, the following specific considerations shall be in effect:
    1. Long-term alternate bus arrangements shall be considered only for the purposes of child care and employment for high school students.
    2. Bus exceptions shall be granted only within the student's attendance are; students shall not be transported across attendance boundaries.
    3. A change of bus assignment shall be granted on a regular basis for a period of no more than one academic year nor less than one semester (or to the end of the school year).
    4. Each request is subject to space availability. A bus of 60 or more students assigned to it shall be considered "filled".
    5. Once given, permission will be rescinded should space be needed to accommodate new students living along the bus route. In that event, the last exception granted will be the first to be rescinded.
    6. Students granted exceptions shall use existing bus stops; no new stops shall be added nor established stops relocated. No bus shall be rerouted to accommodate an alternate bus assignment.
    7. No request for an exception shall be granted which, in the opinion of school personnel, may in any way endanger the safety of the student.
    8. No request for an exception shall be granted which causes the district to incur additional expense. No student riding a school bus will be permitted to conduct himself/herself in a fashion that could endanger his/her safety or the safety of other students.
    In order to insure the safety and well-being of all students, the following rules and regulations have been established by the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District:
    1. Wait off the highway out of the way of traffic
    2. Do not play games or chase anyone
    3. Be sure the road is clear and wait for the driver's signal before you cross the road. Always cross in front of the school bus.
    4. Enter the bus promptly in an orderly manner after the bus has come to a complete stop.

    1. Pupils must remain seated and keep their hands, heads, and feet inside the bus.
    2. There is to be no eating or drinking on the bus at any time as well as no throwing of anything out of bus windows.
    3. Smoking and spitting are prohibited.
    4. The emergency exit is for emergency use only.
    5. Do not tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.
    6. Ride only on your assigned bus and get off only at your assigned stop unless given prior approval through the principal's office and the transportation office.
    7. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom.
    8. Be courteous, use no profane language.
    9. Keep the bus clean
    10. Cooperate with the driver
    11. Playing with toys is not permitted on the bus.

    Bus safety depends upon pupil cooperation with the driver. It is impossible for the driver to give full attention to the road when pupils are misbehaving.
    The bus driver is expected to handle routine problems but when mis-conduct continues, the problem will be referred to the school administrator using the established reporting system within 48 hours of the occurrence.
    Bus transportation is a privilege which may be withdrawn for certain specified periods by the appropriate administrator. Recurrent misbehavior will be dealt with according to policy in conjunction with the Superintendent's office.
    For more information, please see the district's website.