Children are to ride only the bus to which they are assigned and get on and off the bus at their assigned stop. No exceptions can be made unless approved by the building principal following the Transportation Department guidelines.
    Two notes are required when a child goes home with another student. The parent requesting the change must send a note stating the bus number the child will be riding, the name and address where the child will be going, and the reason for the change. A note is also necessary from the parent who will receive the child.
    The number of bus passes issued is dependent upon the number of students assigned to the bus. If a bus roster is at the maximum level bus passes cannot be issued for that bus.
    If your child is to walk home or you plan to pick your child up after school, a note should be sent to the teacher informing the school of this change. If your child is to go home in a private car with someone else or by bus both the sending and receiving parent must write a note to the teacher.
    Long Term Exceptions to Bus Assignments

    Parents who desire a long-term exception to bus assignments specifically for the purpose of child care must complete a Request for Long-Term Alternate Bus Assignment Form.
    Consideration will be given only to requests for alternate transportation for child care within a student's attendance area on a regular basis for a semester or academic year. All exception are subject to space availability.
    All requests are to be returned to the principal who will send them to the Supervisor of Transportation.
    More information can be found on the district's website.