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World Languages
Department Co-Chairs: Mrs. Ann Karcewski and Ms. Stacy Katz
Modern and classical language courses are designed to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of all students. The goals of the world language course offerings are to enable the student to use the chosen language for communication and to develop insights into the literature and culture of the various countried concerned. As a requirement for graduation, students must demonstrate proficiency in a second language by successfully completing a second year of a world language (that is, up to and including a second year course for one language).

Spanish Textbook Link: Level 1 Realidades

E.L. Easton Language Online: Spanish

Mas Arriba: Spanish Language Exercises


Civilization Francaise
Discover France
France Diplomatie
France Link
France Way
Library of Congress Country Studies
Virtual Tourist France
Quia Web


CNN en Espanol
Diego Rivera Virtual Museum
Hot sites en espagnol
La Cocina Mexicana
La Jornada Newspaper
Latin American Studies
SÌ Spain
Other Spanish resource links
Various exercises
Various grammar exercises
Spanish Class Online


Games, translations and more
19th century German Stories
About German

Beilstein Dictionary
German Search
German News
German Magazine
German for Travelers
German Literature Links
Activities and More


Italian Newspaper
About Italian
BBC Italian
Games and more
Activities and more
Italian Center for Learning
More Italian Links

Ancient Rome
Activities and more
Latin and technology
Latin sentences
Nation Master

General Links

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
Background Notes State Department
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Foreign Newspapers
Human Languages Page
On-line Grammars
Romance Languages Resource Page
Links and translation
Games and translations
All Words
BBC World Languages
More language links to radio, weather, etc.
Verb conjugation
Other resource links

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