• The Hall of Fame Selection Committee thanks you for all your interest in the T/E and Conestoga High School Athletic Hall of Fame. At the present time, we are no longer accepting any nominations. 

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    In recognition of athletic excellence, T/E and Conestoga High School has established an Athletic Hall of Fame to commemorate the achievements of Conestoga alumni athletes, coaches and contributors.

    The T/E and Conestoga High School Athletic Hall of Fame currently has 43 honorees who have exemplified exceptional skill, determination, success, integrity and character throughout their athletic career. The following criteria will be used for nominees:

    • Athletes/Teams must have graduated from Conestoga at least ten years ago.
    • Coaches must be retired from the T/E School District.
    • Contributors (Gerry Gasser Award) are individuals who have provided outstanding service and support of Conestoga Athletics over a significant period of time. 

    In addition, the following Selection Criteria will support the appropriateness of a person's induction: Selection Criteria

    For additional information pertaining to the T/E and Conestoga High School Athletic Hall of Fame, please contact Kevin Pechin, Athletic Director, Conestoga High School at 610-240-1023 or pechink@tesd.net.